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Natural Light provides field photography services to residents and business in Flomaton and the surrounding area. Field photography is often used to capture photographic evidence of crimes being committed, of the condition of properties for rentals or other inspections, and more. Because field photography is often time-consuming, and sometimes even with unpredictable safety conditions, a professional is often called to handle the situation.

A qualified field photographer adds credibility and objectivity to many legal and business processes. Some of the expert-level photography services Natural Light provides to our clients include the following:

• Legal Investigations—For certain legal cases, attorneys may require on-site photography of vehicles involved in accidents, accident sites, or hazardous conditions.

• Sensitive Information Reports—In order to safeguard data, photos are used to ensure that sensitive information at facilities such as credit card companies, banks, and mortgage companies are stored and/or deleted safely. A field photographer takes photos to ensure that control mechanisms like locking cabinets, and paper shredders are in place, and in usable condition.

• Home Inspections—After the construction of a home, or the set-up of a multi-family community, such as a mobile home community, a detailed set-up inspection, including professional photography, is usually required.

• Auto Condition Reports—In some cases, it is necessary to prove the condition of a vehicle before it can be insured, sold, leased, or returned. Auto condition reports that include photos are the best way to get an objective and clear view of the condition of an automobile. Auto condition reports are also used in court sometimes, as they can prove damage was done (or not done) to the vehicle.

• Leased Equipment Reports—It is often required by leasing companies to have an equipment report, including photos, displaying the condition of leased equipment before and after use.

The above examples are just some of the situations in which a field photographer is an important asset. If you need to confirm the condition of tangible assets, or have a specialized business need around Flomaton, AL, contact an experienced and professional field photographer.

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